To develop, promote and deliver internationally recognized tax training and consultancy programs throughout East Africa.


To be a leading tax training and consultancy institution in the East African Region.


"The course content is wide enough and sufficient to prepare someone to be an accomplished tax practitioner. It was exciting for me as a lecturer at Makerere University to find some of my former lecturers, students and colleagues in class boldly and firmly disagreeing with opinions of their former lecturers. I would recommend this course to any person interested in tax matters for career purposes or otherwise.” Joseph Luswata, LLM (Cambridge); Tax Lecturer, Makerere University Faculty of Law"

"The comprehensiveness of the course is evident in its ability to equip students with an ability to interpret complex tax issues and understand tax statutes even without a legal background. Before I attended the course, I lacked confidence in tax matters. Since completing the diploma, many doors of opportunity have opened up for me. I am a successful tax practitioner and also own a successful real estate business. My life never remained the same upon completion.” Makoma Angelo – Former Student of East African School of Taxation (ATC, CPA, PODITRA); Tax Practitioner, Makins Consult E.A. Ltd; CEO, Makko Lands Solutions Ltd."