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The East African School of Taxation (EAST), established in 2009 and accredited by the National Council of Higher Education in 2013, is one of Africa’s leading tax training and research institutes.

The robustness of our Diploma in Tax and Revenue Administration (DITRA) is defined by the diversity and vibrance of our students on the one hand and the exposure and expertise of our lecturers on the other hand. Our lecturers have worked with revenue authorities, ministries of finance, top universities, top law and accounting firms, advised national and regional agencies and run business entities. Our students include trained accountants, lawyers, economists, public service officials and business people. The combination of students fresh from university and seasoned professionals make our classes as challenging and stimulating as they are exciting.

At a time when domestic resource mobilization is on the front burner of the Uganda government’s economic policy, it is increasingly important that all citizens invest in tax literacy. Our DITRA program is composed of a menu that caters for both those new to tax issues and those who have practiced tax for years. It is designed to deliver theoretical and practical solutions for routine and complex tax issues encountered by taxpayers, tax administrators and policy members. Employers recognize the value of our program, with some making it a pre-condition for employment confirmation. Those in business testify to the great value addition that attending the course has translated into for their various entities.

We are also home to a training and policy center that engage in training, workshops and research for public and private sector entities in public financial management and taxation.

I hope you enjoy browsing our website and learning more about our program and activities.

Jalia Kangave, Ph.D.