1. The Training Center

The Training Center is home to the Postgraduate Diploma in Tax and Revenue Administration. Normal load for a semester is defined as one third of the total third of the total credit units required for the DITRA program. We have three semesters which require normal loads, bringing it to a requirement of 60CU and additional 5CU for research projects. Therefore, to graduate from the DITRA program, a student would require a total of 65CU. The detailed curriculum structure for the DITRA program is outlined in the table below showing the course codes, course names, credit units (CU), lecture hours (LH), practical hours (PH) and contact hours (CH).

  1. The Center for Continuing Education

The center for continuing education organizes and facilitates conferences and seminars on current issues in taxation, public procurement and public financial management. This Center supports the work of both the Policy Center and the Training Center. The Center has organized workshops and seminars covering:

  • Taxation cross-border transactions;
  • Tax treaties and tax information exchange agreements;
  • Aggressive tax planning and holding companies; and
  • Implementing the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) in Uganda.


  1. The Policy Center

Our Policy Center undertakes research and conducts training on various issue areas including tax policy, government expenditure management, fiscal decentralization, public sector accountability, auditing and reporting.

Projects conducted

Collaborative research on “Sustainable Tax Governance in Developing countries Through Global Tax Transparency” (funded by the Norwegian Research Council);

Partnering with the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law of the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration to undertake joint research on the EAC Common Protocol, Tax Harmonization in EAC member states and comparative analysis of mineral taxation laws in Africa.

The policy center is at the fore front of research on Public Financial Management (PFM) issues in Africa. 

Our PFM focus covers three thematic areas;

(i)                  Public Revenue

(ii)                Public Expenditure

(iii)               Public sector accountability

Specially, we engage in:

  • Capacity building through training of public officials and civil society on PFM processes;
  • Working with governments to develop tax and customs reforms;
  • Provision of technical support in tax policy formulation and implementation;
  • PFM legislative drafting;
  • Drafting guidelines on application of tax laws and tax audit procedures for revenues collection agencies;
  • Developing legal frameworks for revenue collection and management; and
  • Public Expenditure Management & Accountability.